Jelena Tadic

Executive Director
PPP Investment

Jelena Tadić (born 1981) graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences and Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From 2006 to 2012 Jelena has worked in the Ministry of Health on various positions such as junior adviser, adviser in the Sector for European Integrations and International Cooperation, coordinator for the National Investment Plan (NIP) and Chief of Staff of the Minister. Her main responsibilities were application of legal framework in the field of health care system, investment planning, budget system, conducted several public procurement for medical equipment and rehabilitation/construction of health facilities, IPA programming, monitoring of implementation of the World Bank and EIB projects.

As Chief of Staff she again served to the Minister of regional development and local-self government.

During her career, she has achieved successful cooperation with various international financial institutions such as the World Bank, IFC and EBRD. The Serbian Energy Efficiency Project (World Bank) and Big Solar projects for Pančevo, Novi Sad and Bor (EBRD) stand out in particular.

Since December 2016, she works as Executive director of PPP INVESTMENT LTD, dealing with public-private partnership projects, especially in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and public transport.

Jelena is a Member of the Economic Board of the Institute of the Regions of Europe, based in Salzburg, Austria (